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9 March 2009 / Pupils Celebrate St Piran's

Dressed in Cornish colours - some in Cornish tartan and others in Cornish rugby shirts - the young boys and girls enjoyed a fun-filled day of activities that included face-painting and learning how to make a Cornish pasty with volunteer mum Jacqui Dymond, from Trispen, who regularly teaches cooking in the Nursery.

They also joined their parents for a special St Piran's tea that included thunder and lightening (bread, butter and golden syrup with Cornish clotted cream on the top) and, of course, saffron cake.

To add to the Cornish theme, nursery staff were all wearing t-shirts bearing slogans like 100% Cornish and Cornish Maid that had been made especially for them by Keywear, an embroidery and printing company based in Frances Street, Truro.

'We believe it's very important that the children develop a sense of their Cornish identity from an early age so that they will hopefully go on to keep our Cornish heritage alive,' said Kate Roberts, Head of the outstanding-rated Nursery. 'Most of the staff are Cornish so we've all enjoyed making the most of this opportunity to celebrate St Piran and our beautiful county.'

Older pupils at Truro High Prep School didn't miss out on the opportunity to honour Cornwall's patron saint either. As well as attending the St Piran's Day parade in Truro, they learnt about the saint, Cornish music, Helston's famous Furry Dance and how to speak words and phrases in the Cornish language.

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