The project included a number of lessons on persuasive writing involving the analysis of language techniques and virtual group work to discuss ideas.

Their teachers, Mrs Emma Curran and Mrs Roisin Higgins, were extremely impressed by their arguments, which they said were “confident, clear and compelling” and paint a moving picture of life during these turbulent times.

In fact, they were so impressed that a number of letters, with the permission of their authors, are now winging their way to No. 10 Downing Street.

Take a look at some snippets from their correspondence below.

“I am writing as a representative for the adolescent youth of the nation. This letter contains my sentiments concerning our emotions on the current, unprecedented situation of Covid-19. Firstly, I must acknowledge that I could not concur any further with your announced procedure of the ‘Lockdown’. Through evident statistics it is perceptible there is a downward curve in the number of new cases of the virus, and therefore this intense process appears to be working.”

Year 11, Rachel

“We must consider that leaving the lockdown sooner rather than later could have an incredibly debilitating impact on people’s lives. Some may say this current situation is ruining the economy, however, is this opinion not putting monetary gain and capitalism over human life?”

Year 11, Maisie

“I feel that the impact which this period of social isolation has on citizens not affected first hand by the virus isn’t being addressed. Even if people haven’t been closely affected by the virus itself, the control procedures have impacted us all greatly and will continue to until something changes. In my opinion, this issue hasn’t been discussed in great enough depth.”

Year 11, Ella,

“I myself feel that I live a fairly privileged lifestyle… I live in a nice house in the countryside where I have very few neighbours and restricted freedom to partake in any one exercise a day, this is all very well however I am a minority and my mind is almost constantly thinking of the horror it would be to be cooped up in a small flat hundreds of meters above the ground with little or no access to grass land or a garden.”

Year 11, Scarlett

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

Aiming to embark on a career in medicine, Meena has been part of the Truro High family since she was 13-years-old. Alongside her studies, Meena is an extremely active member of our community – she is heavily involved in our Aspiring Medics Programme, plays in a number...