Described by her husband as “an inspiration”, Kate is determined that some good should come out of her condition and has decided to take to the skies to raise money for the Sunrise Appeal at the Royal Cornwall Hospital.

Kate said: “I think I am probably mad because the whole thought of this terrifies me but I have decided that in September I will do a sponsored zip-wire challenge at the Eden Project.”

Mum of 6 year old Annabelle, Kate is determined to stay positive. It is now five years since she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a programme of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a lumpectomy in order to survive.

She had thought her battle was won but two years later the cancer returned, this time spreading to her bones and affecting her arm and pelvis. A course of drugs sent the cancer into remission but now it has returned in a more aggressive form with two tumours discovered in her liver at Easter.

Said Kate: “I have to remain optimistic and I am hopeful that I will shortly be accepted onto a new drugs trial. When I had cancer the first time I raised £3,500 for charity and I hope to help the Sunrise Centre this time. Any support that people can give me would be much appreciated.

Kate is throwing herself on the mercy of the school’s young designers and has pledged to complete her fundraising zip-wire challenge dressed in whatever outfit the girls decide is appropriate.

If you can help by pledging your support, or by collecting donations from others at work or at home, please email Kate at

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

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