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KERNOW BYS VYKEN! St Piran’s Day fun at Truro High School Nursery

There was a definite feel of Kernow bys vyken! (Cornwall for ever) at Truro High School's nursery to celebrate St Piran's Day.

Children and staff arrived dressed in the traditional Cornish colours of black and white, many had mini St Piran’s flags painted on their cheeks and hands and the children made their own pasties to a musical accompaniment of rousing Cornish songs.

The youngsters clearly enjoyed rolling out pastry, heaping prepared meat, potatoes, onions and swede onto it and then carefully crimping the edge in preparation for the oven. As the pasties cooked they all made little St Piran’s flags to decorate their individual pasty, which each took home at the end of the day.

All had listened intently at the start of the day as Nursery Head, Tracey Kemp, explained about St Piran’s day, the national day of Cornwall named after one of the county’s patron saints.

Continuing the theme of Cornish food the celebrations concluded with a traditional Cornish cream tea enjoyed by the nursery and pre-prep children and their parents.

Ends 6 March 2014

Published by: Darren Stevens

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