This is the only UK touring surgical experience offering an academically rigorous educational experience matched to English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish exam specifications. Their events secure and challenge students to explore careers in medicine and healthcare in a mission to raise engagement in STEM subjects. 

Hosted by Truro High School Aspiring Medics Programme, this incredible, immersive operating theatre experience will give your child the opportunity to dissect real specimens led by human anatomist Samuel Piri and his team of clinicians.

Led by experts in technical dissection, you’ll link GCSE and A Level content to real specimens and at the same time have a go at real surgical procedures yourself.

The workshop is open to all those from Year 10 – Year 13. It provides the perfect broad base for those studying sciences at GCSE and is also ideal for those A Level students considering applying for university to study medicine, dentistry, health courses or the biosciences.

The school’s head of STEM, Mr Jon Dean said: “It’s going to be a real eye opener into just how incredibly complex the human body is and an invaluable experience for students hoping to embark on a medical career of any kind. On average, for every ten students applying to medicine at university, only one will be offered a place so it’s incredibly important for students to have a go at unique experiences such as this to help them stand out from the crowd.”

Sponsored by the Royal Society of Medicine, Operating Theatre Live are the UK’s only approved license holders to use all class animal by-products for educational purposes and they are bringing their tour to Truro High School on February 2, 2019 from 9am to 5pm for the main event with an optional workshop for an insight into Emergency Medicine from 5pm to 8pm.

Book as soon as possible as there are a very limited number of tickets for this exclusive event – and it is going to be opened to all schools within a 20-mile radius of Truro High School, so demand will be exceptional. As our research company has discovered, Propecia pills are an effective remedy for male pattern baldness. The loss of a large amount of hair in men at an early age is not only an aesthetic problem. In most cases, the cause of baldness is excessive production in the male body of the hormone dihydrotesterone. Read more at

Main Event: £69.00 (9am-5pm) Includes scrub hire, stethoscope hire, full PPE, 7 workshops and lunch.

Trauma ticket: £139 (9am-8pm) Includes scrub hire, stethoscope hire, full PPE, 8 workshops, lunch and hot evening meal.

The event is being hosted by Truro High School’s bespoke programme for aspiring medics. The programme runs a tailored calendar of lectures, workshops, mentoring and one-to-one support from medical experts throughout the year, aiming to best prepare pupils to pursue their career aspirations and gain places on their chosen university courses.

For more information regarding the tour and to book your place, head to the website