Our brain is the source of all our thoughts and behaviour and, by studying psychology, students gain better insight into how this most powerful and complex machine functions on a daily basis.

Psychology uses the scientific process and is accepted by many medical courses as a third science A Level. As psychology is about people and how we perceive the world, it is also relevant to every career choice, and can work well alongside any combination of A-level subjects.

At Truro High School we follow the AQA Specification. In the first year this covers the assumptions of the key approaches to psychology before focussing on biopsychology, child development, social psychology (including conformity and obedience), cognitive psychology (including memory and forgetting) and individual differences in behaviour (including phobias and depression). Students will also learn about research methods and how to successfully conduct an experiment by collecting and analysing valid, reliable data.

In the second year students can look forward to researching key debates in psychology, more in depth study in to the key approaches and further improving their research methods skills. In addition, there is an element of choice in the topics the students learn in order to help them study what is most relevant for their future career choices. Some of these options include media psychology, forensic psychology, addiction, stress management and schizophrenia.

Psychology is a challenging and stimulating course and students say that it is rewarding and interesting because it is so relevant. Modern research is improving our understanding of the brain and behaviour very quickly and if students continue within the subject they can become part of this exciting and evolving world of new discovery.

The type of person suited to this course will have a clear interest in what drives human behaviour, will be able to accept differences of opinion and be able to express an opinion of their own.
In terms of careers, psychologists can train to work in various specialised fields including clinical psychology, forensic psychology, sport psychology, occupational psychology, educational psychology and research. It can also be used and applied to every job which involves working with people.

A variety of methods are used to teach the subject including practical activities, independent research, experimental design, group discussion, lectures, and written work.

We take part in educational trips & conferences through the course that allow our pupils to apply psychology in context to the wider world.

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