Themes included nautical, the seven deadly sins and vanitas and the many different ways in which these topics were explored and interpreted has resulted in a fascinating exhibition that clearly demonstrates an extraordinary wealth of talent.

“It’s really important that parents, friends and relatives are able to see just how hard the girls are working and how very creative they are,” said Head of Art, Design and Technology Judith Tutin.  “They can try their hand at any media, including video and I never ceased to be amazed at some of the ideas they come up with.  It really is impressive.”

Several of Year 11 Amani Hart’s portraits greet visitors at one of the exhibition entrances – including two of her late father Paul.

“I’ve collected lots of photos of Dad because portraiture really interests me and our topic was ‘time’,” she said.  “I’ve used the face fade technique found in the Time Traveller’s Wife because it gives a sense of him being there whilst not being there.  The portrait that hangs next to his is a copy of a Franco Clun drawing – he’s one of my favourite artists.”

The exhibition will continue until June 23 with the girls work then moving to the CreatEd Exhibition hosted by Falmouth University.

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

Aiming to embark on a career in medicine, Meena has been part of the Truro High family since she was 13-years-old. Alongside her studies, Meena is an extremely active member of our community – she is heavily involved in our Aspiring Medics Programme, plays in a number...