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*A Level Results* Celebrations at Truro High!

Students at Truro High School for Girls are celebrating after scoring a 99% pass rate at A Level. 14% achieved the new A* grade, 22% got A grades, 65% scored A* to B and 83% had A* to C. Nearly 75% of the girls were accepted for their first choice of university and all but two got either their first or second choice.


Subject areas of particular note were Chemistry in which more than 71% of candidates attained A* or A, and Latin and Physics in which 100% of exams taken were awarded A* or A.

Former Head Girl Fatima Dalal who has been at the school since just before her third birthday was thrilled with her two A*s in Chemistry and Maths and her two As in Latin and Physics. She now has all the grades she needs to take up her place studying medicine at Keele University.

“I’ve never got an A in Physics before so I really am happy,’ she said.

Two other students who have also set their hearts on becoming doctors were similarly ecstatic. Bernice Akpinar got an A* in Chemistry and two As in Latin and Biology and is planning a gap year before applying for medicine next year and Heather McRobbie achieved three A*s in Chemistry, Biology and Maths to secure her place at Cardiff University.

“I’m so proud of her,” said Heather’s mother Caroline. “She’s never going to have to look back and say I should have worked harder.”

Georgina Sherriff couldn’t have been more stunned when she discovered she had got an A* in Geography, an A in Music and a B in Home Economics.

“I can’t believe my geography result,” she said. “I’m still in shock.”

A hugely talented organist, Georgina will now join the Royal College of Music in September.

Although they knew they could look on the UCAS website to see if they had done enough to get into their first choice university, many of the girls resisted the temptation – preferring instead to just open their envelopes.

“I didn’t want to look because I didn’t want to spoil the surprise,” said Hannah Hereward. And surprise it was. Having got an A in Chemistry and Bs in Biology and Physical Education, she now has all she needs to start a degree in wildlife conservation at Nottingham Trent University after taking a gap year.

Headmistress Caroline Pascoe and her team of teachers were on hand to congratulate the girls on their successes.

“I’m delighted with the results,” she said. “The most important thing is for our students to perform to the best of their ability and, in the vast majority of cases, that has happened. I’m really pleased for all of them and wish them well on their onward journey through life. They’ve certainly been given the best start possible.”

Truro High’s AS level results were also exceptional with Year 12 students Merryn Davies-Deacon, Bathsheba Gardner, Holly Holdsworth, Alexandra Jeffries and Pamela Oshinyemi all achieving four straight As.


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