An astonishing achievement, the Kernow Kittz – which broke into the top 100 last season – now lies at number 61 and has been joined by the Green Goddess II which increased its position by 73 places to finish at number 70 in the UK.

Last season ended on a real high for the teams when they increased 120 places in the national rankings with the Kernow Kittz and finished at number 68 in the UK.

Spurred on by their success, the girls were ready and raring to put their pedal to the metal at the world-famous circuit and their hard work in the workshop has certainly paid dividends.

It was an exhilarating day out on the track with records broken, slick pit changes and even a visit from ex-McLaren and Williams engineer, James Robinson, who again rolled up his sleeves to help our crew carry out repairs in the pits.

There was also a special visit to the Truro High fleet from Greenpower trustee and chairman of top motorsport and advanced engineering group Prodrive, David Richards CBE.

It was also an exciting day at the races for the 11th Hour which flew round the track to finish 112 in the national rankings.

Head of STEM, Mr Jon Dean said: “Today’s remarkable results are something to be incredibly proud of but what has impressed me even more is the girls’ enthusiasm and dedication for engineering and motorsport. The teamwork on show throughout the weekend has been phenomenal – it’s been fantastic to sit back and watch the girls do so well as a highly professional crew.”

An extremely close-knit group, the girls were even spotted taking time out of their lunch break to practise a Greenpower routine which they hope to perform at next year’s school dance show.

There’s no let-up of the pace for the young racers and the teams are already gearing up for their next race at Predannack Airfield next week.

With some planned improvements the girls are hoping to continue their winning streak and they drive towards their ultimate goal of racing in the international final at Rockingham Speedway.

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

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