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Commonwealth Bronze for Hight School Sabre Star

Truro High School fencing star, Teresa Norejko, has won a bronze medal in the Junior Commonwealth Fencing Championships' team event.

Almost four years inside the age limit and one of the youngest competitors, Teresa was also placed 10th in the individual class during the event, which was held in Jersey last week.

Teresa, whose family home is in Llandovery, fights in the sabre events for Wales. Wales’ opening match was against Guernsey. Teresa and her two team mates – Harriet Dixon and Megan Lillycrop – totally dominated the opposition. Teresa won her three fights 5-0, 5-1, 5-1 and the eventual team score was 45-7 to Wales.

Competing for a place in the final, the girls only just lost to India 45-42. Teresa dominated during two of her fights then just lost in her third by 7-5. In the play-off for the Bronze medal, the team faced Singapore. Again Teresa had two convincing victories giving her team a comfortable lead as they went into the final two fights. The eventual score was 45-27 securing the medal for Teresa and Wales.

During the individual event, Teresa won four of her six poule fights to gain a place in the direct elimination round. She was eventually defeated by England’s Bridget Pleasant who took 7th place in the competition. Teresa was placed 10th.

Proud mum, Maria Norejko, said: “The noise in the hall during the last three of the girls’ fights was deafening and in the end they were a very happy team. When she got her medal Teresa said it was for Mrs Pascoe because she was so grateful to her for giving her a place at Truro High School. The whole family is grateful to everyone at the school for all the support they give Teresa with her fencing, her studies and emotionally – we all really appreciate it.”

The next big competition for Teresa will be the UK School Games in May, which will test-run some of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic venues. The fencing competition will take place in ExCeL Centre.

“Teresa continues to be an inspiration to us all,” said Truro High School Headmistress, Caroline Pascoe. “She works hard and commits to everything she does, both admirable qualities. We all share her excitement at the prospect of competing at a 2012 Olympic venue during her next big event and look forward to hearing all about it.”


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