The AQA Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) offers Truro High Sixth Form students a unique opportunity to excel in a chosen specialism, helping them to hone their ability to carry out rigorous independent research and develop their presentation style.

The skills gained through an EPQ – such as independent research, self-discipline and time management – are highly sought-after by the world’s top universities and are invaluable for undergraduate study.

From writing a dissertation-style academic paper on the overuse of opioids in healthcare to setting up a pop-up shop and writing a book aimed at children with ADHD, our students undertake a vast range of research projects which both excite them intellectually and will help them stand out from the crowd with their university applications.

Topics chosen may be an extension of the subjects they are studying at A Level, focused on their career aspirations or a personal interest.

There are two possible outcomes from the project:

  • A research-based report or artefact which analyses an experiment or event created by the student e.g. a scientific paper or magazine
  • A dissertation-style academic paper which have previously ranged in topic from UK Politics to the development of Prehistoric Art

With appropriate supervision, students will:

  • choose an area of interest that they would enjoy the opportunity of finding out about in more depth
  • draft a title and the project aims and submit them for initial approval
  • plan, research and carry out the project
  • deliver a presentation on their findings and the process to an audience
  • provide evidence of the project’s development throughout and production for assessment.

The EPQ is graded A*-E and offers a maximum of 50 points under the new tariff.

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