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Girls’ Greenpower goal is Goodwood

With their increasing involvement in the national Greenpower racing events, engineering is a subject taking greater prominence amongst the pupils of Truro High School for Girls.

2013 was the second year the girls entered the competition, vastly improving on their previous performance and, with ambition at its highest level yet, the team has one goal for 2014 – to be one of the top 100 entrants and qualify for the prestigious Goodwood final.

To achieve that the team will need a new car which poses two main challenges: finance and engineering.

Last week school governor, Sally Wilding, who used to work for Jaguar and Suzanne Bennet, Finance Director of the Hayle-based engineering firm, Rigibore, met with the team – High School Head of Science, Jon Dean, former Head of Art Design and Technology, Robin Hunter as well as Rigibore’s Engineering Director, Greg Cox.

They reflected on the strengths and weaknesses of this year’s performance and began to formulate a plan to create a truly competitive car. Building work will begin in January when the girls visit Rigibore’s workshop to work on a design guided by the company’s top engineers. In the meantime the search for financial backing is a priority.

Other invaluable support already in place comes from the owners of the St Eval Kart Circuit, who allow the girls to test and practise at the St Eval site and Tyler Snell Trailers, Penryn, which helps with transport.

Jon Dean explained: “The Greenpower project is beneficial in so many ways; the thrill of competition, working as a team, highlighting the importance of renewable and sustainable energy but it also ignites and fuels a passion for engineering.

“We’re encouraging the girls to do the work themselves, from research to application. It’s an amazing educational experience for them and opens up a whole world of career opportunities. As teachers, we’re always there to guide and support but, to be of maximum benefit, it must be the girls’ work.”

The Greenpower event is designed to inspire future engineers and organisers have introduced two new engineering and design awards for the 2014 event to recognise the skills that go into building Greenpower cars.


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