All our girls in Year 8 and 9 will now take on the Bronze Arts Award as part of our part of their art lessons. The Arts Award challenges students to take the creative lead in order to help them develop into tomorrow’s cultural innovators. The programme will see every student in these year groups build a shadow puppet box theatre and host a performance using it. Theatre construction is already underway in virtual face-to-face lessons with Head of Creative and Performing Arts, Mrs Judith Tutin. The girls have storyboarded plots to act out with these ranging from the tale of 2020 to the Greek myth of Medusa.

Any student who wishes to undertake the Arts Award in their own time and pursuing their own chosen art form can do so as an extra-curricular activity and will be supported throughout the process by Mrs Tutin. Art forms can be dance, drama, art, music, creative writing or video. Our Director of Music, Mr Rob Norman, is also hosting virtual drop-in sessions every Friday for those girls wishing to pursue the qualification in music.

We are the only school in Cornwall to offer this nationally recognised qualification in Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Some particularly ambitious students have already taken on the awards as an extra-curricular activity. Year 8 Lauren and Year 13 Iris, for example, have just completed their Bronze and Gold awards respectively.

A talented musician, Lauren is already well on her way to achieving her Silver. Lauren’s Bronze Award saw her do everything from improving her technique on the piano to teaching dad to play the ukulele and interviewing Claudia Lang-Colmer, a bassist who played in the famous all-female Ivy Benson jazz band.

In order to achieve her Gold Award, Iris learned a series of LAMDA monologues as well as writing and directing a play here at school. Her impressive dramatic pieces earned her a distinction in her Grade 6 LAMDA Exam.

It’s an exciting time for Iris who has also just received offers to read History and Politics at world-leading universities – UCL, Cardiff, Kent and Newcastle. When she isn’t preparing for a future career in Westminster, Iris is often found on the stage – she has even performed at the National Theatre!

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

Aiming to embark on a career in medicine, Meena has been part of the Truro High family since she was 13-years-old. Alongside her studies, Meena is an extremely active member of our community – she is heavily involved in our Aspiring Medics Programme, plays in a number...