This ethos means that our girls have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. With specialist staff and excellent facilities, we have the capacity to extend their abilities and to stretch and challenge them to degree-level learning in every subject.

Dreams of being a scientist? Our staff will support your daughter in publishing academic research papers. Conducting at the Royal Albert Hall? She can arrange and lead our 50-strong school choir.

At Truro High, we place no limits on what our girls can learn and believe school should be an inspirational and empowering experience, where independent learning, creativity and collaborations are encouraged.

Going way beyond the curriculum…

We have the luxury of being able to go beyond the national curriculum and enrich or extend wherever the girls’ interests take them. Interdisciplinary projects and collaborative activities are always encouraged and we are working towards a cross-curricular approach.

Immersive Learning Days also offer students the opportunity to recognise and hone resilience and encourage a growth mindset to best prepare them for academic success in their senior years. These include International Women in Engineering workshops, Humanities Renaissance Day and Women in Business networking events to name but a few.

Navigating the unknown is a fundamental skill which any young learner must develop. Preparing our students for an uncertain future, where jobs may not yet exist, means immersing them in unfamiliar situations and learning environments. Days such as these deepen the bonds between our girls, helping them engage with new perspectives and empowering them to face the challenges and academic rigour of their senior years with confidence.

Developing skills for life…

In Year 9, girls will start our Skills for Life Programme which offers them the opportunity to bring together multiple disciplines with a concrete and practical goal in mind: to create a product, find a solution, develop an intervention and design a theory or practice. Areas of study will include Engineering, Business and Outdoor Education.

This skills-based programme seeks to nourish students’ understanding of key ideas, theories, and modes of thinking in new contexts. They will employ concepts, skills and information to produce explanations, offer interpretations, create products and solve problems in workable ways.

Transferable skills such as these are fundamental for all learners and will equip our students for any future career.

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