The youngest entrant in the competition, Daisy will be joining one of the two four-man teams representing Great Britain this September. There are no junior teams at this level and Daisy will be riding with and pitted against adult jockeys who are many years her senior.

The young rider is also the only Cornish jockey to be competing in this prestigious competition.

There will be six other international teams hoping to return home victorious from the competition which will see over 30 of the world’s top tent peggers vying for the coveted international team title.

An avid rider since the age of four, Daisy began tent pegging in 2015 picking up the pace about a year ago. The ancient cavalry sport challenges riders to pierce, pick-up and carry a target, with a lance or a sword, as they charge at a gallop across the course and Daisy has shown real skill with a weapon in her hand. Correct weapons handling drills are rigorously taught as the lance and sword that she uses are genuine weapons and lethally sharp.

Under the tutelage of international coaches Michael and Tina Smith who spotted the young rider last season, Daisy has continued to flourish at her training sessions in Devon.

Impressed by her quick progress, Daisy was selected for consistently putting up an outstanding performance and displaying a high level of horsemanship, hand eye coordination and the ability to handle a weapon, both lance and sword, accurately.

It’s been a busy year for the young rider who has competed in a number of events including one of the UK’s largest tent pegging competitions, the Punjab Lancers Neza Bazi, and the inter-county competition in Devon where she helped Cornwall to win the team lance to the surprise of the dominant Devon team.

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