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A morning of outstanding extra-curricular activity

A visit from the Central Band of the RAF was an eagerly anticipated event amongst staff and students at Truro High School. The reality exceeded all expectation.

Led by Band Master and true showman, Warrant Officer Terry Gardner, the band performed a programme of carefully selected music designed to please and engage a young audience – including the themes from TV shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy as well as movie classics like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Joining the band, just for the performance, were five High School music scholars, all flautists: Abbie Leigh, Layla Stuart, Verity Williams, Minnie Fok and Elodie Lawry. The girls more than held their own amongst the talented military musicians – even managing to join in the band’s Mexican wave when the band master’s back was turned. But the highlight of the event had to be the finale when several of the girls were asked to join the percussion section and Head of the Prep School, Alison Miller, was invited to conduct, a job she completed with enthusiasm, style and an obvious and infectious enjoyment.

In addition to the music, the band was also at the school to talk about life in the RAF- explaining that a career with them could be a reflection of the morning’s entertainment: engaging, exciting, fun and action-packed.

Once the musical entertainment was over, WO Gardner directed the students’ attention to the recruitment team which talked to all those interested individually, offering information and advice.

“We’re trying to recruit 2,000 people to 63 different careers and trades,” explained Group Captain Catherine Cotton, Head of Recruiting and Selection for the RAF. “We pinpointed Truro High School amongst others in Cornwall as a good place to look and we’ve had a pleasing amount of interest from the girls about some diverse career paths including engineering, medicine, fire fighting, personnel and being a pilot.”

“What an outstanding event,” said Truro High School Development Officer, Fiona Osman. “Everyone clearly had a great time, the band members too by the looks of them and it appears that some of the girls have also been inspired to consider the benefits of a career in the RAF, so a productive morning as well as an enjoyable one. We’re extremely grateful the band chose to visit us.”

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