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Prep School pupils bring ancient past to life by building interactive museum in their classroom

The ancient past was alive and kicking at Truro High today, as the school’s Prep 5s built an interactive museum in their classroom.

Exploring the fascinating world of Ancient Egypt, the museum offered a huge array of displays and activities to inspire the school’s pupils.

These ranged from a mummy wrapping challenge and pyramids created using mathematical origami to a huge model of an ancient tomb. 

Pupils of all ages were invited to investigate this incredible showcase and were fascinated to learn more about the land of the Pharaohs. 

The time travels began earlier in the day with a special assembly to introduce everyone to the wonderful world of life on the Nile. Performing to a packed audience of mums, dads, teachers and pupils in our newly-refurbished Prep Hall, this show-stopping performance proved the perfect way to kick off the historical celebrations. 

Preparations had been going on for some time with the girls undertaking in-depth research in their history lessons in order to create the museum displays. Art lessons had been spent creating Egyptian-inspired jewellery in the senior school studios whilst science saw the girls undertaking an experiment to mummify tomatoes.    

There was even the chance, last term, to handle real ancient artefacts from a local museum.

Published by: Grace Kennard

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