Hundreds of MPs will be taking part in the Send My Friend to School campaign during 2016, which will involve thousands of young people across the UK.

Worldwide the numbers affected by emergencies is at an all time high, displacing more children than ever before from their homes and schools. But aid to education in emergencies has not caught up. In some cases, like in Syria, whole generations are being lost to education. Currently an additional £3 billion a year is urgently needed to support children in crisis situations.

As part of the campaign’s ‘International Day of Action’, the girls presented Mrs Newton with paper rucksacks which they have created to symbolise the journeys that children have to make when they have to flee in an emergency. They have filled them with things they would pack if they had to leave their school behind and have covered them with messages asking for urgent action to ensure that no child anywhere in the world is left behind on education.

Mrs Newton will be delivering these to No 10 in order to remind the UK government of the new goal of quality education worldwide for every child up to 15.

A reading of Brian Bilston’s startling poem entitled titled ‘refugee’ underscored the school’s message highlighting the plight of those fleeing conflict and persecution.

The girls also performed a moving rendition of ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ by Carole King.

Prep 5 teacher Mrs Yvette Simpson said: “This will be the eighth year that we have supported this worthy cause and our girls have been learning more and more about the barriers to  education for the tens of millions of children who are out of school in countries affected by war & conflict, natural disasters and health emergencies. As an all girls’ school, we are particularly aware of the difficulties which face so many young women around the world who are denied their rightful education due to their circumstances. I am always so impressed by our pupils’ passion about the need to give these children an education and provide them with a safe place to learn and give them hope for the future.”

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

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