Boarding at Truro High is a life-enriching experience with girls from around the world working and living together to achieve exceptional academic results in one of the UK’s most beautiful coastal locations.

Your daughter’s second family…

At Truro High we want each and every girl to reach her full potential and an important part of making this happen are the strong relationships that our boarders build with their houseparents and with each other.

“In boarding, it is just like a family – we help each other with homework, we hang out together, watch films and go out so it’s very hard to feel lonely.”
Jasmine, Boarder

Our staff are the best possible parents you can imagine. They are the parents who can be there to help girls do their homework each night. They will be there at the end of every school day to chat over a cup of tea. They will be there to take them on an exciting trip or activity every single weekend.

It is this warm and nurturing environment that offers a real home from home. We don’t see the girls as being from different countries – they are all part of the boarding family and, at school, our students are excited to have friends from all over the world.


Hear about the Truro High School Boarding experience from Year 13s Nicole and Emma…

Known and valued as individuals…

Small family-run boarding houses ensure that all students are known and valued as individuals by staff who understand them. Our houseparents know what drives each girl’s ambition and also when she needs a confidence boost or some extra support.

They will be there every step of the way to nurture her talents, build her confidence and help her develop the resilience and independence that will prepare her for any challenges that come her way in the future.

The heart of our school…

While many of our students are day girls, the boarding houses remain very much at the heart of the school. Girls and House Parents eat together in the Dining Hall with a mix of twelve different nationalities living and learning side by side. Both houses are equipped with Wi-Fi.

Beautiful Cornwall…

You couldn’t ask for a better place to board than Cornwall. We’re the place that everybody wants to go on holiday in the UK. This means that we can offer unparalleled opportunities to our boarders every single weekend.

From horse-riding on the beach to paintballing and from ice-skating to climbing, the activities menu is long and tempting and with mile after mile of golden sand as the backdrop there’s little wonder they love it so much.

“It’s never boring with so many activities. We’re really like a big family and there are always so many sisters round so when you feel homesick or have questions you can just come down and talk to them.”
Lena, Boarder

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