Studying history is all about fostering inquisitiveness and understanding, developing the ability to analyse rigorously, learning to interpret evidence and organising thoughts and responses with precision and style. Above all, it makes a difference to how girls view themselves, the world around them and the future.

In Years 7 to 9, we look at life in England in medieval times, discover how continuity and change are reflected in art, find out why the Industrial Revolution brought about transformation and explore the significance of the French Revolution. We also consider the role of Napoleon Bonaparte in European history, investigate the reasons for – and the consequences of – the growth of the British Empire and focus in depth on the First World War.

At GCSE we follow a varied course of study which includes British and European history from the reign of Edward I to the present day. At A Level, work becomes even more stimulating with units examining nationalism, dictatorship and democracy in twentieth century Europe as well as protest, agitation and parliamentary reform in Britain from the late eighteenth to the early twentieth century.

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