We are the only school in Cornwall that offers Latin right through to A Level and more than half our pupils choose to study classics at some stage during their time with us.

Much of our English language comes from Latin and the modern world would be a very different place if we had not been part of the Roman Empire for more than 400 years. That’s why learning about ancient Greece and Rome is so important – their culture provides the basis for our legal system, architecture and road infrastructure and also for a lot of our core values. In addition, studying Latin encourages the development of a range of intellectual skills including logic, accuracy and understanding of how a language works. A good grade at GCSE or A Level is highly regarded by universities – especially when applying for competitive courses like medicine and law.

We introduce Latin in Prep 6 and then as an option from Years 8 to 13. The Cambridge Latin course is used up to GCSE and the OCR examination specifications are used for all qualifications. Ancient Greek is offered as an extra-curricular club.

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