At Truro High School we believe it is vital to equip our students with the skills they will need to thrive in the future. In Spring 2021 we will launch a brand new business and enterprise initiative that sees girls appointed CEOs of their own commercial company.

Initially open to all those in senior school, the programme will enable students to develop their business acumen with workshops on topics including understanding cashflow, Health and Safety legislation, employment legislation, branding and marketing.

Once equipped with the skills to run their business, our students will be handed the keys to a building on site to put their new knowledge into action with the launch of a school café. Working with a start-up loan, the girls will design the interior of their building and will create their business plan before opening up as a trading social enterprise.

The business model will be reviewed and updated each year with the team presenting its annual report and recommendations to the Bursar and Headmistress in the boardroom. It is a project that we believe will enrich our students time at school and equip them with invaluable knowledge and experience for the future.

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