Boarding at Truro High is a life-enriching experience with girls from around the world working and living together to achieve exceptional academic results in one of the UK’s most beautiful coastal locations.

We know there are lots of things to consider when deciding whether your daughter would enjoy life as a boarder and, to get you started, here are the answers to some of the questions we are asked most frequently.

My daughter would probably fly into Heathrow. How would she get to school once she has landed at the airport?

There are various options but for new and younger boarders our minibus pick up service is the most popular. The girls are met in the Arrivals hall by school staff who will look after them and ensure they are safe and happy on the journey back to school.

We also deliver boarders back to the airport at the end of term, and half term, and our staff will wait with them until they are safely checked in and ready to fly.

The minibus service costs £55 per journey.

Older pupils sometimes choose to meet each other at the airport and then travel to Truro by train but the minibus is certainly the best option for anyone new to the school.

Can we arrive at the airport at any time?

We ask that, where possible, you book flights that will land at Heathrow between 5am and 8am on your day of arrival. On departure days, we would ask you to book flights that depart between 5pm and 8pm.

Who will my daughter be living with and what sort of room will she have?

We have two lovely boarding houses – Rashleigh and Dalvenie – that are located in the middle of our campus. Both houses are linked to our Dining Hall where the boarders will have breakfast, lunch and supper each day.

Our boarders come from the UK as well as countries including Spain, Hong Kong, USA, China, Germany, Australia and Nigeria. Your daughter would live with girls of a similar age with whom she is likely to have shared hobbies and interests.

Our bedrooms are all bright and welcoming with plenty of space for the girls to put up posters and photos from home on the noticeboards above their beds.

In Years 7 – 10 students will generally share a large room with up to three other girls.

There are similar sized en suite rooms for our Year 11s.

Year 12s usually share en suite rooms with one or two friends while our Year 13s usually have their own en suite study bedrooms.

My daughter is a bit worried that she won’t know anyone when she arrives. Will you be able to help her settle in?

It is entirely natural for her to be nervous but she has nothing to be concerned about. Our boarders very quickly feel a real sense of belonging and quickly grow to love their boarding house and new boarding family.

New boarders participate in a two and a half day induction prior to starting school. During this time, there is a full programme of organised activities from local treasure hunts to beach trips, all designed to help the girls settle in their new boarding lives.

House Parents are involved in these days as well as members of the senior leadership team and the boarders’ new form tutors. In between the team building activities, key members of staff talk to the girls about important aspects of school life such as looking after yourself, possessions, money, the school IT policy (the Network Manager) and health (the school nurse). This ensures that when new boarders go to school on the first day they are fully prepared and oriented in their environment – important factors in those first few days.

My daughter loves cooking and baking. Will she get any opportunity to do this in the boarding house?

Yes, of course! Each of the boarding houses has a big comfy communal lounge with a kitchen area and the girls like nothing better than baking cakes and biscuits and, on occasion, even cooking a special meal for their friends and the boarding house staff.

Can my daughter go to stay with her friends from school?

Truro High is a very welcoming place and it is very likely that your daughter will be invited to go to parties and sleepovers at her friends’ houses. Provided we have the invitation in writing from the host parent, and your written consent, there is no reason why she cannot go and have a lovely time.

Does the school have exeats?

No, the boarding house only closes for Half Terms and holidays.

My daughter has heard that Cornwall is very beautiful. Will she get to see much of the local area while she is at the school?

We have a full programme of activities for our boarders every weekend. On Friday nights we tend to stay at school with swimming parties, games and baking nights but on Saturdays and Sundays we take the girls out of school on a whole host of different trips and activities.

Some weekends it might be playing games on the beach, other times it might be going horse-riding, paddle-boarding or ice-skating. We know the girls love shopping as well so we often build in a trip to one of the bigger cities like Exeter or Plymouth.

Other regular visits include the world-famous Eden Project, St Michael’s Mount and the Tate Gallery in St Ives.

You can be sure that she will be sending home a whole host of fantastic photos of her weekend adventures.

Will she need to wear a uniform during the school day?

In the Sixth Form the girls can wear their own clothes and we ask that they choose smart, business-like attire.

All other students will wear the Truro High uniform and this should be ordered in advance, online, for free delivery to school.

Short stay students are not required to wear the school blazer. All our uniform is available from Castle Sports and Uniform at We will send you a list of exactly what she will need.

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