From street dance to the Charleston and ballet to Bollywood, girls aged from 4 – 18 wowed their audiences with a packed programme put together in the first half of term.

The glittering production included over 25 dance numbers, many of which had been choreographed by the girls themselves. Students were also challenged to lead rehearsals in the run-up to the two sell-out performances.

It was a particularly momentous night for Year 11 Lowena who spent the term leading rehearsals with younger students for a number of routines as well as practising for her own solo ballet number.

It’s a far cry from when Lowena thought she might never dance again following a diagnosis of scoliosis – a condition that causes back pain and curvature of the spine. Now, three years after her diagnosis and treatment that included a seven hour operation, she continues to go strength to strength in the studio and on stage.  

Numbers choreographed and led by students included the ‘Without You’ lyrical ensemble by Year 11 Roisin, ‘River Waltz’ ballet solos by Year 12 Maya, a ‘Bruno Mars mash-up’ by the Sixth Form and the Prep 3 & 4 ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ routine by Year 7s Mimi and Rosie.

Audiences were also treated to performances from Year 9s Rosey and Hollie who last month swept the honours board at the UK Street Dance South East Championships. It’s been a particularly busy time for Hollie who has also this term been part of an international dance campaign for Disney. Out of 600 auditionees, the fourteen-year-old was one of only three performers selected to take part.

Headmistress Mrs Sarah Matthews said: “It was a truly phenomenal show with everything from poise and elegance to power and strength to vibrance and fun. Most importantly, the theme running throughout was a great sense of freedom and joy. People might be forgiven for thinking we are a school that specialises in dance but what these girls specialise in is determination, teamwork and the ability to work their socks off to produce fabulous results in everything they set their minds to.

“I would like to thank all of the team involved for their incredible and tireless hard work supporting the girls and special thanks go to Clare Meardon for providing so many of the wonderful costumes.”

Dance is an important part of life at Truro High with Prep pupils given the chance to learn ballet, street dance and lyrical as part of their everyday curriculum with Clare Meardon, choreographer and Artistic Director for Savvy Studios.

Senior students have the opportunity to try out tap and ballet with professional dance specialists Jacqui Riordan and Penelope Holt. They can also explore their talents with dance teacher, Miss Danyelle Fry, helping them learn new skills and choreograph their own routines in both classes and extra-curricular clubs.