Our PE Department is highly successful with both our Prep and Senior school teams winning county titles galore as well as individual places in the West of England and indeed national squads.

At Truro High we work hard to ensure that physical activity is seen as both essential and enjoyable. Our girls are encouraged to try out a wide range of sports – including trampolining, volleyball and fencing – as well as dance classes and yoga. We have more than our fair share of sporting stars and our pupils regularly achieve some of the best public examination results in PE in the country.

Physical Education improves the ability to learn. It also helps build self-esteem and self-confidence, develops an individual’s attention span, helps with time-management and motivates aspiration. Whilst we encourage our pupils to set their own goals and go for them, what we really want is to develop a lifelong appreciation of exercise that equates physical effort with enjoyment and fun. The fact that the vast majority of our girls regularly volunteer themselves for some form of physical activity strongly suggests that we are succeeding in that aim.

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