As a Department we aim to promote enjoyment and appreciation of mathematics in its own right, as well as being aware of its role in other subjects in the school curriculum and the world we live in. For girls who are keen mathematicians, we provide opportunities to develop their depth of mathematical skills and for those who find mathematics more challenging we offer support and strategies to build confidence. Class sizes are small so girls can always ask for individual help in lessons and at other times.

Girls enter the main school with different levels of mathematical skills and different amounts of mathematical knowledge. The aim in Years 7 to 9 is to ensure that all students have a firm grounding in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, measures, statistics and probability.

In Years 10 and 11, all girls are prepared for the Higher Tier Edexcel IGCSE examinations. The course ensures that all students are stretched and better able to face the challenges of A Levels and university.
Mathematics is a popular A Level choice for girls in Years 12 and 13 where we follow the OCR MEI course. For those girls who are considering a degree in Mathematics or one with a significant mathematical content we also offer A Level Further Mathematics. We are proud of the excellent results consistently achieved by the girls at GCSE and A Level.

Extension and support are provided for all year groups through participation in:

  • Maths Clinic
  • The UKMT team and individual mathematical challenge competitions
  • The Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses
  • The Further Mathematics Support Group workshops
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