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Truro High gets house proud

Truro High resembled a rainbow on Monday with pupils across the school dressed head to toe in their house colours.


The classrooms were a riot of red, blue, green and yellow in an event designed to reignite the friendly rivalry between the school’s four houses – Benson, Hedley, Tremayne and Trevosa.

Organising the event was Head of Sixth Form, Miss Freeman, who explained: “The girls greatly enjoy  earning house points for their achievements during the year in everything from schoolwork to sports, and music to community work. At the end of each year the points are totted up with the winning house collecting rewards for its members and a much coveted silver cup”

“The own clothes day is an ideal way to introduce our new pupils to their Houses and to make them feel a part of something that’s a fun and rather special part of Truro High’s history.”

This year will see Benson, Tremayne and Trevosa all aiming to knock Hedley off the top spot after a run of success.

Published by: Grace Kennard

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