Studying Textiles encourages and develops innovation, problem-solving, risk-taking, skill-enhancement, creative-thinking, project management and commercial insight.

A large light filled studio and first class teaching allows the girls to run riot with their imagination whilst keeping a close eye on product planning and development, time-management, industrial applications and many other disciplines (e.g. CAD).

In Year 7 the girls are introduced to the design process used by architects, product engineers and designers and textile and fashion designers. They learn how to use textile processes safely and combine texture and colour to create an appliqué wall-hanging inspired by nature.

In Year 8 the girls cut their first pattern and make a cushion. Not as easy as it looks and, of course, there’s the fastening to consider – as well as the cultural design brief provided by their ‘client’ – The Royal Cornwall Museum. To achieve their objectives, they use traditional techniques like batik as well as cutting-edge computer-aided design and manufacture.

In Year 9 the girls go wild designing and producing bags for Oxfam. Reduce, reuse, recycle is the theme and the students aim for sustainable fashion that is kind to the environment as well as being art-inspired and funky. We’ve had bags made out of Dad’s old ties, favourite jeans, wash bags recycled plastics and vintage prints.

At GCSE and A level the girls move on to fashion design and production as well as interior design and costume. The annual school fashion show is an opportunity to demonstrate the beautiful and individual design work that these students achieve and is enjoyed by both pupils and staff. We are proud that our girls have won places at the best London colleges of fashion on the strength of their portfolios and delighted that this has led to exciting careers with the likes of Mulberry.

Our Textiles Club is always hugely popular and we always get involved in making costumes for the school play.

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