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THS launches Senior and Sixth Form virtual literary discussion forum

As part of its virtual school, THS is preparing to launch a brand-new Senior and Sixth Form online literary discussion forum.

The group offers girls from Year 10 upwards a platform for discussion about the texts they are passionate about and to analyse titles way beyond the parameters of the GCSE and A Level curriculum. As well as a discussion boards, the initiative will involve weekly live video sessions with THS Director of Teaching and Learning, Mrs Jo House. 

Mrs House said: “Our girls read a lot and sharing what we like with each other really fosters a healthy discussion around all books. Modern literature is something which can all too often be overshadowed by literary classics so the plan is to discuss everything from psychoanalysis in crime novels to recommendations on our favourite reads.”

If there is enough demand a separate forum will be launched for younger pupils to discuss texts and themes appropriate to their age group.  

The launch comes as the Centre for Longitudinal Studies has found that reading for pleasure has a four times greater impact on academic success than one parent having a degree.

Aware of the value reading adds to their development, students throughout the school are encouraged to challenge themselves with the books they read and share their experiences together.

Many girls have significantly higher than average reading ages, some of which are double their actual age, and teachers regularly advise them on the titles that will stretch their reading ability. Older girls also regularly take part in buddy reading sessions with younger pupils, in order to share their passion for literature and improve their literacy skills together.

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