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‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ at Truro High

The hypocrisies of Victorian high society were lampooned in witty style as Truro High students took to the stage in a theatrical performance that combined three of Oscar Wilde’s most famous plays. 

The girl-only cast in ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ – including elements of ‘Lady Windermere’s Fan’ and ‘An Ideal Husband’ – were aged 8 to 18 and from both Prep and Senior schools.

Fourteen year old student Savannah Hall who played the role of Jack Worthing, said: “Having an all-female cast was strangely liberating. Truro High has a great family atmosphere and any concerns about our ability to put on this male-focussed play quickly fell away to laughter. It’s been a long process since rehearsals began in October, but it has definitely been worth it. ”

The role of Algernon Moncrieff was played by sixteen year old Zahra Dalal, Gwendolen by thirteen year old Kitty Piccin-White, and Cecily by sixteen year old Emily Elwell-Deighton. The formidable Lady Bracknell was played by fourteen year old Georgiana Tregunna.

Backstage, students had been hard at work on artistic creations to perfectly dress the characters and the on-stage Victorian drawing room. Handmade set pieces included an ornate fireplace and screen printing everything from curtains to wallpaper with art nouveau designs. GCSE and A level Textiles students created period costumes which even incorporated some genuine vintage pieces for all cast members.

Head of Drama Mr Tutin, who directed the play, said: “It’s been a whole school effort on and off stage and the results speak for themselves. Our actresses have admirably handled a very complex play. They really got to grips with the aggressive civility of Wilde’s world and flourished throughout the rehearsal process. It’s a testament to their talent and maturity.”

Head teacher Dr Moodie said: “I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, the stage might have been monochrome but the cast was anything but. The minute they came on the vibrancy of their costumes and characters shone through. It was a remarkable achievement and I congratulate everyone involved.”

Truro High School currently offers Drama from Prep 3 through to GCSE and Theatre Studies at A Level with plenty of opportunities outside of the classroom to explore talent in all aspects of the theatre.


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