Our Religious Philosophy and Ethics courses for Years 7-9 and then GCSE and A level aim to help girls to think clearly, honestly and accurately in the field of experience often referred to as religion and belief, and to promote understanding and tolerance among peoples of a variety of faiths and those who have none.

We believe that Religious Philosophy and Ethics is an essential part of our students’ education because:

  1. It seeks to ask the fundamental questions of life which impact upon humanity.
  2. It prepares students to become full and active members of our modern, multi-cultural society.
  3. It helps students to develop their own beliefs and values.
  4. aIt exposes students to the ideas of the greatest thinkers our world has ever known and encourages them to develop a critical view of them.
  5. It promotes a respectful and critical tolerance of our differences.
  6. It develops invaluable transferable skills which are demanded for many professions and are necessary for many areas of life.
  7. It provides students with the tools to begin to understand the profound influence religion has had, and continues to have, on our history and culture.

“Religious education is an opportunity to explore a vital area of human experience, to examine each other’s cultural roots, to face far reaching questions of right and wrong, and to be exposed to some of the world’s most influential thinkers, it is hard to see how anybody at least half alive could dismiss it as boring or irrelevant.
Lord Habgood, former Archbishop of York

Truro High School hosts an annual Religious Philosophy & Ethics Conference in the Autumn Term to which all secondary schools in the South West of England are invite. It is run by the internationally acclaimed authors and scholars; Dr Peter Vardy and his wife Charlotte.

We have retained strong links with Truro Cathedral and local churches and girls may be prepared for Baptism and Confirmation if required.

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