The Music Department aims to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of different kinds of music and to fire up enthusiasm to look a little further. We hope that, through studying music, girls will develop broader life-skills and attributes – including critical and creative thinking, aesthetic sensitivity and emotional and cultural development. We explore the diverse and dynamic heritage of music and the essential role it has played, and continues to play, in the spiritual, moral, ethical, social and cultural lives of people from around the world, both in the past and right now.

Other than a very lively interest in both GCSE and A Level music, music is compulsory in Years 7 – 9. In the early years, much emphasis is placed on practical music making as well as learning the basics of music theory.

Girls are encouraged to develop musical talents by taking individual lessons on a variety of instruments. These are offered within the school day as well as before and after academic lesson times.

The Department boasts a large choir and Chamber Choir which performs regularly. Extra-curricular music activities include a school orchestra, jazz band, string orchestra, samba band, ukulele ensemble, theory club and flute choir. The Department presents termly formal concerts, smaller informal class concerts and takes part in Music Festivals and external competitions throughout the year. External music examinations are also encouraged.

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