Swapping their usual uniforms for togas and sandals, the Prep 3 classroom was transformed into the Platonic Academy with traditional lessons given an ancient twist.

The girls learnt to write their names in Ancient Greek, studied maths with hand-made abacus and played Hellenic folk melodies using modern-day instruments.  

There was also the chance to have a go at a favourite ancient pastime as they girls played knucklebones, the antecedent of the modern-day game of jacks.

Preparations had been going on for some time with the girls undertaking in depth research in their history lessons to understand how education today differs from that for their ancient counterparts.  

There was even the chance earlier in the term to handle real ancient artefacts from a local museum.

Head of Prep, Miss Annabel Ramsey said: “Days like this are fantastic for bringing history to life and making learning more meaningful – it’s created memories which will last for many years to come and given the girls a real insight into the past.”