Competition was fierce with competitors including 87 swimmers from a specialised swim school at Mount Kelly School.

It was a particularly exciting day for Anna who achieved a new meet age group record in the 100m backstroke.

Their results were as follows:

Prep 6 Anna

50 Backstroke 2nd
100 Backstroke 1st – new meet age group record
200 Backstroke 2nd
50 Freestyle 2nd
100 Freestyle 3rd
200 Freestyle 2nd
50 Butterfly 3rd
100 IM 6th

Year 8 Ella

50 Backstroke 1st
100 Backstroke 8th
200 Backstroke 4th
50 Freestyle 4th
100 Freestyle 11th
200 Freestyle 9th
50 Butterfly 4th
50 Breastroke 6th

Year 8 Heather

50 Freestyle 3rd
200 Freestyle 8th
400 Freestyle 6th
100 Freestyle 10th
100 IM 6th
100 Breastroke 7th
200 Breastroke 4th
200 IM 5th
50 Butterfly 5th

Year 7 Hannah

50 Breastroke 4th
100 Breastroke 1st
200 Breastroke 1st
50 Backstroke 8th
50 Freestyle 11th
100 Freestyle 7th
100 IM 6th

Year 9 Celeste

50 Backstroke 4th
100 Backstroke 2nd
50 Freestyle 6th

Well done, girls!

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

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