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New government report finds Truro High School students make more progress than any others in Cornwall

Students at Truro High School for Girls make more progress than students at any other school or college in Cornwall. That is the finding of a new Government report which ranks the school higher than all others in every single category of assessment in the annual A Level league tables, published this week.

The table reveals that not only do girls at the school achieve the highest A Level results in the county, but they also make more progress than their equivalents in any other Sixth Forms across the state and independent sector.

Headmistress, Mrs Sarah Matthews said: “Of all the different league tables, this is the one that I consider the most important. This is the table that shows just how much progress has been made by each and every one of our girls. We are not an academic hothouse dealing just with students destined to reach the highest grades. Our job is to help every girl develop and grow and to achieve the very best that she can. For some, that will mean getting a B instead of a C, for others it may mean replacing a B with an A*. This is where schools like ours can really make a difference, to massively add value and to change their lives. I am proud of all our girls for the hard work they have put in and their willingness to listen to their teachers and to have the confidence to develop and grow.”

The school tops the list in every category of the Department for Education’s new tables which look at its A Level value added score, its highest grades and overall point score of 44.42. They also consider the percentage of students achieving AAB or higher in at least two facilitating subjects and highest grades and points for a student’s best three A Levels.

The league tables list an impressive number of accolades for the school including:

  • The highest A-Level grade and points score for any school or college in Cornwall
  • Cornwall’s top educational establishment for the amount of progress made by pupils at A Level with figures ‘well above’ the national average
  • Ranked in the top 5% of schools and colleges in the country for value-added at A Level
  • Top out of all schools and colleges countywide for grades achieved by pupils in their three best A Levels subjects 
  • The highest percentage of students in the county achieving AAB or higher in at least two facilitating subjects
  • The best school or college in Cornwall for highest grades and points for a student’s best three A Levels

The school’s value added score, which measures the amount of progress made by pupils at A Level, is particularly impressive with figures well above the national average. Placing at 68th in the league table, the school ranks in the top 5% of educational establishments in country for value-added. 

The value-added measure reflects progress made by pupils between the end of key stage 4 and their A level studies, compared to similar students across England. It shows that each pupil taking A Levels at Truro High gained an average of 0.32 of a grade higher than they would have been expected to achieve given their GCSE results.

The announcement rounds off a fantastic year at the school which achieved a 59% A*/A pass rate at A Level earning it the title of the highest ranked small independent school in England for A Level results. The achievement is on top of the school’s position as number one in Cornwall for A Level and GCSE results in the Sunday Times Schools Guide 2019.

In recent months Truro High has seen a huge surge in enquiries with applications now coming in from all over the world. Some year groups are now nearing capacity with parents keen to secure a place for their daughters before it is too late.

Published by: Grace Kennard

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