In Years 7-9, students will develop all aspects of their reading and writing skills. Through the study of a wide range of texts, they will improve their analytical abilities whilst a variety of activities give them more confidence in literacy. They will also study the basic rules of spelling, punctuation and grammar and have many opportunities for speaking, listening and role play as well as being encouraged to be imaginative and creative in their writing.

English at GCSE

The studies for English Language are largely based on developing reading and writing skills. A variety of different non-fiction texts such as websites, travel writing, autobiography and journals are explored, as well as literary fiction, and students learn to select and interpret material appropriately. The range of written exercises undertaken includes creative, informative and descriptive writing and there are also speaking and listening tasks such discussions, debates and individual presentations. All assessment is through two external examinations, plus a speaking and listening task.

English Literature at GCSE

We study both modern and classic texts from all three genres – poetry, prose and drama. This includes a Shakespeare play and some nineteenth century prose. Students will also study a range of poetry from across the ages and develop their skills in analysing previously unseen poems. Assessment will be through two final external examinations.

English at A Level

This course develops transferable skills in analysis and evaluation through the study of a wide range of literary texts and genres including Shakespeare and contemporary fiction. In lessons, students will be expected to discuss their reading and share ideas with others, listening to their views and responding to them as a way of appreciating different ways of reading texts. They will also be asked to take notes, write essays and present ideas to the rest of the group. Areas of specific study include genres, such as tragedy and crime writing, together with critical theory.

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