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A vibrant community where intellectual curiosity, collaboration & creativity are encouraged and celebrated; a place where ambitious goals are realised & girls are encouraged to be the best they can be
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Why Choose Us?

Because we believe every individual’s capacity for learning and exploring their own talents is limitless. We also believe that teaching girls separately from boys releases them from gender stereotyping. Astrophysics? Great idea. Olympic pentathlete? Give it a go.

Because we think that success is nothing without happiness and that caring for each other is key.



  • 24th June 2019

    Year 10 & 12 Work Experience week commences

  • 26th June 2019

    Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition commences

  • 27th June 2019

    Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition commences

  • 27th June 2019

    TEFL Course for Year 11-13 commences

  • 30th June 2019

    Greenpower race team head to Goodwood