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Truro High School performers scoop top prizes at countywide competition

Truro High School musicians and performers have come out on top in the annual Cornwall Music Festival with the girls returning to school laden with trophies and certificates.

The prestigious music and spoken word festival attracts participants from schools and singing groups across the county providing a platform for amateur musicians and verse speakers of all ages and abilities to showcase their talents.

All Truro High students impressed the judges with every single one scoring an impressive 80 marks or above in their class.

Special mentions must go to Prep 5 Matilda and Prep 6 Lila whose poem and solo verse speaking marks earned them an invitation to take part in the evening Gala Performance – only around 15 of the festival’s top performers receive such an invitation. While Lila happily took to the stage, Matilda reluctantly had to decline her invitation due to a prior engagement at the National Surf Lifesaving Championships in Cardiff.


Winners in their age group:

Prep 4 Holly – Monologue – 89 marks

Prep 4 Ornela – Solo Singing – 88 marks

Prep 5 Matilda (not pictured) – Poem by a Cornish Poet

Prep 6 Lila – Solo Verse Speaking – 90 marks

Prep 6 Isabella – Monologue – 88 marks

Year 12 Olivia – Under 19 Romantic Piano – 88 marks

Prep Strings came 1st in their class with 83 marks


Prep 4 Naomi (not pictured) – Vocal Solo – 86 marks

Prep 6 Chloe – Monologue – 87 marks

Prep 6 Lauren – Piano, Vocal Solo and Duologue

Year 7s Edie and Naomi – Violin Duet 86 marks


Prep 3 Sophie – Violin Solo

Prep 5 Ysella – Poem by Cornish Poet – 85 marks

Prep 6 Imogen – 2 Vocal Solo 3rd prize places – 86 marks and 88 marks

Top 5

Prep 6 Harriet – Verse Speaking

Prep 6 Plum – Verse Speaking

Prep 6s Chloe and Jess – Duologue

A huge well done to every single girl who took part in the festival, we are incredibly proud of you all!

Published by: Grace Kennard

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