Across the UK, thousands of schoolchildren absented from school today to take part in a series of coordinated protests drawing attention to climate change.

Whilst some of our students attended the day of action at County Hall with the permission of their parents, girls of all ages were also encouraged to join in the international debate with student-led activities being held throughout the day.

These included making constructive pledges to raise awareness for the campaign, designing and making banners and workshops on how to write a letter to their MP.

They even had the chance to line the street outside of the school with the banners they have created, in order to spread their message and enthusiasm to passers-by.

Truro and Falmouth MP, Mrs Sarah Newton also joined students to discuss the issue and the government’s plans to address climate change in more detail. 

The day’s activities were led by the school’s Year 11 students who are planning to launch an environmentally friendly initiative as a result.

Headmistress, Mrs Sarah Matthews said: “It is absolutely vital that our students have the confidence and assurance to voice their opinions both at school and in the future. As a school, we strongly believe in empowering girls to think critically and stand up for what they believe, especially when it comes to issues of international importance. We want to encourage our girls to be active citizens in a global community and Friday’s activities will offer them a really constructive way to make their voices heard.”  

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

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