The aspiring medic scored an impressive 3040 out of 3600 marks placing her well within the top 10% of candidates in the UK.  

As part of their application to medical school, thousands of students undertake the UKCAT which sees the majority of candidates score between 2000 to 2800 marks with an average score of approximately 2640.

The compulsory test helps universities to filter through the huge number of highly qualified students applying for medical courses, probing knowledge beyond sixth form syllabuses and exploring attributes considered to be valuable for health care professionals to thrive in their clinical careers.

It is also an opportunity for candidates to stand out from other applicants and demonstrate their aptitude for a demanding programme of study.

Ezgi’s success means she is now one step closer to joining the elite few studying at one of the country’s top medical schools – a long journey that will see her having to excel in a demanding admissions process in order to achieve her goal.

On average, for every ten students applying to study medicine at university, only one will be offered a place.

She said: “Applying for medicine can be intensely challenging. The process of preparing for aptitude tests, gaining all the relevant work experience, and then illustrating all your insight in 4000 characters or less, can feel like navigating a minefield! As well as studying A Levels, I have been a part of the Truro High Aspiring Medics programme, and have found it invaluable in allowing me to network with medical professionals and gain insight into the complex world of medicine.

“This October, I am applying to be part of the 10% who are successful in their applications for medicine, and I know that the support I have had from the Aspiring Medics staff and associates over the last two years has improved my chances of gaining one of those coveted spots.”

Ezgi is already on track to making her career aspirations a reality having this summer opened her AS level Religious Philosophy envelope to discover she had passed her exam without dropping a single mark – a perfect 100% in every paper.

Head of STEM, Mr Jon Dean said: “I am delighted that Ezgi’s hard work has been rewarded and look forward to seeing her progress over the coming months. Applications for medicine are tough and we aim to best prepare our students to succeed in that journey with a broad range of medical experiences and the opportunity to meet professionals who can support them. Ezgi will now receive one-to-one support from Dr Kathy Purohit and further guidance on writing her personal statement as she prepares to take the next step to the interview process.”

Truro High Aspiring Medics supports students who wish to further their studies in a wealth of medical professions including medicine, dentistry and veterinary science. The bespoke programme offers a tailored calendar of specialist lectures and workshops with industry experts in numerous disciplines, as well as providing invaluable contacts to find work experience and additional one-to-one tuition for the challenging entrance process demanded by medical schools.