Food and Nutrition is taught from Prep 6 upwards, with the option to take the subject at GCSE Level. Lessons take place in our bright, well-equipped Food Room, giving the girls an opportunity to develop a range of skills that include food preparation, time management, organisation and working safely and creatively with others.

With classes split between theory and practical sessions, a good deal of emphasis is put on applying the principles of food science, nutrition and healthy eating. Girls learn to cook a wide variety of dishes – from quesadillas, bread and soup in Prep 6. In Year 7 girls become more independent, developing knife skills and learning about the changes that occur during the cooking of foods including pasta salad, bolognaise and cakes. In Year 8 girls will make a range of healthy family meals including risotto, stir fry and a chicken casserole. Through these they will understand the different cooking methods and science such as gelatinisation and coagulation. In Year 9 pupils will develop their knowledge of food science through investigative activities and make dishes including break based pizza, home made pasta and roux sauces. Each year pupils finish with a practical that showcases their practical skills and encourages independent planning. In Year 10 pupils will now be studying for the new GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition.

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