The school’s head girl Zahra Dalal has a provisional place to read Law at Oxford University whilst fellow student Amy Purohit received an offer to read Medicine at Cambridge University.

Once the results of her ‘A’ Level exams are available in August, Zahra hopes to be taking up residence opposite the main gate of the Bodleian Library in Hertford College.

The college is most well-known for its iconic Bridge of Sighs whose distinctive architecture is a city landmark.

Zahra said: “I’m incredibly excited to have the opportunity to study at one of the country’s oldest institutions. I’ve always wanted to study Law; it’s a subject which is constantly changing and affects all of society. Although I haven’t got the grades yet I will definitely be celebrating this weekend.”

Zahra has been at Truro High since her third birthday and says that her time at the school has most importantly taught her to think on her feet and adapt to every situation. This was certainly put to the test when her first interview took a surprisingly turn and she was asked to discuss her legal advice about an unlawful marriage to a Justin Bieber impersonator.

Zahra rose to the challenge and said that the whole process turned out to be surprisingly fun if quite challenging.

Subject to her ‘A’ Levels, Amy hopes to be following in the footsteps of historian David Starkey and politician Vince Cable by walking through the doors of Fitzwilliam College at the end of this Summer.

Commenting on her interview at the university, she said: “It was quite difficult. They asked me lots of questions about science and medicine but I suppose I should be pleased that at least I didn’t get any of the really obscure questions that I know people have faced in the past.”

It would seem that exceptional academic success runs in the family for both girls. Zahra’s sister Fatima, who was also Head Girl during her time at the school, achieved straight A*s and As in her A Levels going on to study medicine at Keele University. Amy will be following in her sister Katie’s footsteps when she leaves the school, Cambridge bound.

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

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