The statistics about academic success are compelling enough but a girls’ school education is about more than that, it’s about the creation of the self-belief and self-confidence that will ensure a girl thrives whatever she sets her mind to.

Girls’ schools create environments where girls feel empowered to be themselves. Students develop self-confidence and faith in their capacity to face challenges. They are not bound by traditional gender stereotypes and they truly believe that nothing is beyond their reach.


All opportunities…

In a girls’ school it is not about equal opportunities, it’s about all opportunities. You don’t have to choose between being the dancer or the engineer or the football player – you really can be all three. Every girl can become a leader be it House Captain, Sports Captain or STEM Ambassador. Every girl can learn to shoulder responsibility and to lead and to inspire – qualities that will last her a lifetime.

In a girls’ school there is no such thing as a girl’s subject or a boy’s subject and girls are free to follow their inclinations with little of the pressure they might otherwise feel. Girls’ schools create environments where girls feel confident to take charge and put themselves forward. We embolden girls to achieve their very best and prepare our students to face their future as confident, articulate leaders in their field.


Tomorrow’s leaders…

At Truro High we want our students to thrive, not just survive, and that means providing them with a tailored curriculum that offers learning without limits. Girls’ schools offer a vibrant holistic environment where girls are supported and guided to take risks, to challenge themselves, to be inspired by strong women and to become tomorrow’s leaders.

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