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Prep School runners make it through to finals of the Cornwall Cross Country Championships

There were celebrations in Prep School this week following the news that five of its top runners have qualified to compete in the finals of the Cornwall Cross Country Championships.

Pitted against 70 of the county’s brightest and best runners in each age group, the school’s athletes stormed to victory all claiming top 20 places.

Prep 4 runners Azura and Naomi put in fantastic performances in their race and finished 15th and 16th overall.

Prep 5s Anna and Ysella were also jumping for joy taking 3rd and 5th in their age group.

It was also a runaway victory for Prep 6s Hannah, Chloe and Lauren stormed past the finish line in 2nd, 10th and 22nd place respectively.  

As a result of their success, Azura, Anna, Ysella, Hannah and Chloe have all made it through to the finals of this countywide competition. The finals will take place in Newquay this March.

Published by: Grace Kennard

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