Prep School is such an important time in any child’s life. It’s a time when they learn how to learn. From the very youngest age, we aim to prepare girls for life beyond Truro High – to instil in them learning behaviours and attitudes that will stay with them for life.

We take girls from 4 -11 and teach them to think big and to be bold. Our small classes ensure every child is known and valued as an individual and pupils form strong bonds with their teachers and each other.

As a school, we encourage girls to develop a growth mind-set, to take on a challenge, to build the resilience to cope when things don’t quite go as planned, to have confidence and to take risks in their learning.

We very much believe that happy girls achieve and this forms a major part of our Prep School philosophy. There is a tangible sense of joy in our classrooms and pupils look forward to coming to school each day.

THS Prep School is like one big family – a place where girls discover the joy of learning and take the first steps towards a bright and exciting future. There’s no such thing as an average school day and it’s certainly not the kind of place where girls are tied to their desks.

Our Prep School is situated on the same site as our senior school and a wide range of subjects are taught by specialists as girls progress through the year groups. Lessons often make use of our specialist teaching facilities including our theatre, sports pitches, science labs, swimming pool and much more.

Whether they are exploring the school grounds in their weekly Outdoor Learning sessions, learning the basics of robotics in the engineering workshop or perfecting their moves in the dance studio, we introduce the girls to a wonderful world of exciting possibilities and watch as the enthusiasm spreads across their faces. Learning here really is a journey.

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