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Spirit of enquiry celebrated at Prep School Curiosity Project Exhibition

Igniting a passion for discovery in pupils lies at the heart of how we teach girls to become great learners and today that spirit of enquiry was celebrated in our Prep School when the girls hosted an exhibition of their curiosity homework projects.

Curiosity Projects are child-led enquiry-based research explorations on a topic of personal interest. The aim of the projects is for the girls to initiate their own learning, gather information, share their work and reflect on their findings.

Homework in Prep School is set weekly for English and Maths and all girls are enrolled on computer coding courses to work on at home or in Homework Club. Beyond that traditional homework time is turned over to these independent research projects.

The exhibition offered a fantastic opportunity for the girls to showcase the work they have been doing and talk through their findings both with teachers and their peers.

Topics on show ranged from WWII bomb shelters and the ancient city of Troy to the solar system, elephants, lighthouses, climate change, the Rubik’s cube, veterinary medicine, the Minack Theatre, chicken husbandry, the science behind periscopes and the history of the train.

Head of Prep, Katie Hinks said: “It has been the most wonderful day. I have learned something from each and every student and they have all learned from each other.  It has been wonderful to see the girl’s passion as they have shared where their curiosity has led them.  I am looking forward to next time already!”

Published by: Grace Kennard

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