The entire school day took on a continental feel with teachers using taster lessons in all subjects to raise awareness of other languages and promote cultural and linguistic diversity.

English teacher Paul Crump stunned everyone with his self-taught Polish, Spanish teacher Fyonah Ferris switched to Cornish while Head of Languages, Kate Cox, swapped French and Spanish for Greek.

She explained: “We have been amazed to find how many of our staff have hidden linguistic talents and we have had lessons taking place in Irish, Welsh, Spanish, Polish, German, Italian and even Cornish. Our girls have also been showing off their talents with some already pretty fluent in up to four languages, including Russian.”

Assembly saw the whole school singing a Beatles’ song in German while lunch brought a mouth-watering array of foods from Spain, Greece, France and Italy. Even the PE department joined in with teacher, Judy Barnfield, enthusiastically shouting instructions to her hockey and netball players in French.