Year 11s Tean, Katherine, Maddie and Holly alongside Sixth Formers Hari, Bella and Amy have spent many months learning the essential skills to keep the school’s keen swimmers safe and sound and were delighted to receive the news late last Friday that they had excelled in their final training examinations.

Accredited by the Royal Lifesaving Society UK, the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification is open to all of the school’s pupils aged 16 and up. The training programme offers girls the opportunity to gain an invaluable qualification with which they can be employed by swimming pools and leisure centres all across the country as well as building their confidence and developing the skills to take responsibility in high pressure situations.

As part of the course, all of the girls have also undertaken Emergency First Aid at Work training so that than can administer first aid and basic life support poolside. They can now act as a qualified emergency first aider for an employer providing indispensable skills required for any business to run safely. They have also been trained in how to use a defibrillator.

Year 11 Holly said: “It’s been a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to get up to the pool and start working. It’s a great way to get a job whilst I’m at school now and even when I go off to university so it’s definitely been worth all the hard work.”

The girls will now have the opportunity to work as lifeguards at the school’s swimming pool and are looking forward to keeping a watchful eye on its swimmers over the course of the year.

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

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