Oxford Scholastica advisor, Jo Cruse visited THS to give a lecture to girls from Year 10 – 13 last year and was so impressed by Reilly’s passion that she invited her to undertake a work placement with her. 
When lockdown meant that plans had to change, Jo immediately offered Reilly a scholarship place on the academy’s week-long virtual Business & Economics course. 
The course covered the basics of microeconomics, marketing, finance, and game theory.
Reilly said: “The course was really international so it was great to get so many different perspectives and to explore real-life business in depth. It also introduced me to game theory which I’ve become incredibly passionate about – it’s definitely something I want to explore in my future career.” 
Oxford Scholastica Business and Economics tutor, Eugene Shevchuk said: “As Reilly’s tutor, I witnessed her extraordinary passion for learning and strong interest in the subject. A valuable contributor to all in-class discussions, Reilly was able to find creative solutions to the most challenging questions. She also demonstrated excellent communication and teamworking skills when working on group assignments.”
“In particular, her final project, in which she analysed the prospects of setting up an ice-cream business in her hometown, was one of the most well researched in her class. Reilly grasps new concepts quickly and accepts constructive criticism and instruction concerning her work. She is an incredibly motivated and ambitious student.” 
Reilly currently studies Psychology, Business and PE and is writing a research paper on the effects of gender inequality on the homeless as part of her EPQ. 
She plans to study Business Management at university and her ultimate goal is to work in senior management at a top FTSE 100 company.
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New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

New Head Girl Team can’t wait to get started

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