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16 November 2009 / Schools Compete In First Ever Maths Challenge

It is the first time that the challenge, which involved Year 6 pupils, has been held.

Comprising three rounds and taking about two hours to complete, activities included answering questions either as a team or individually, taking part in a relay which comprised answering questions in pairs, taking each answer to a teacher in the centre of the room, collecting a new question if the answer was right and going back to have another try if it was wrong and moving from table to table solving as many problems against the clock as possible.

The challenge was devised by Truro High's Head of Mathematics Astrid Hanson and her team. Together they set the questions, invited the schools and ensured the whole event went smoothly.

"It's important for Maths to be fun and, judging by the competitors' enthusiasm, everyone enjoyed taking part in this event,' said Mrs Hanson. "We're hoping to hold the event annually from now on."

The Bosvigo County Primary School team was the first to win the brand new Maths Challenge Shield, presented to them by Truro High School Bursar Bryan Login. Benjamin, Anoushka, Jenna and Daniel scored a remarkable 118 points over the three rounds.

Archbishop Benson School came second with 106 points and Kea School came third with 104 points.

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