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28 August 2009 / Outstanding Gcse Results

Not only did they score a 100% pass rate, 56% of all grades were A* or A, 84% were A* to B and 96% were A* to C. All 61 candidates scored A* to C in at least five subjects, including English and Maths.

Alexandra Jeffries, from Mithian, and Mahum Imran Abbas, from Hayle, both managed an outstanding 11 A*s with Alex also getting a twelfth subject at grade A.

'I was hoping that I'd done well but 11 A*s and 1 A is beyond what I'd expected and I'm really thrilled,' said Alex. 'I'm going to stay at the school to do A Levels because the teachers are great and the classes are small. Eventually I want to go on to study law.'

Merryn Davies-Deacon, from Redruth, Holly Holdsworth, from Truro and Jennifer Smith, from Bodmin, all scored 10 A*s and an A and Alice Helliwell, from Probus, achieved 10 A*s and a B.

'I'm feeling very emotional,' said Merryn, who understands and speaks Cornish. 'I was very nervous this morning and woke up early. I'll be staying at the school to do French, Maths, Latin and Music at A Level.'

Holly Holdsworth couldn't stop smiling. 'I was a nervous wreck this morning,' she said, 'but now I'm absolutely thrilled. I moved to the school two years ago and will be staying to take A Levels in History, Chemistry, Maths and French. After that I want to do Oriental Studies at university so I can go into the diplomatic service or the law.'

Two members of staff were also mothers of girls getting their results on the day.

'It's been particularly nerve-wracking because you want everyone to do well - especially your own daughter,' said Frances Ellison, the school's Registrar. 'Poppy's in Year 10 but a lot of the girls did some of their GCSEs early. She got 3 A*s for the three exams she took so needless to say I'm over the moon.'

According to Headmistress Caroline Pascoe, the school continues to go from strength to strength.

'The results all the students achieved today are outstanding,' she said. 'The girls and their teachers have worked very hard - and so have the girls' parents whose support and love have made an equally important contribution. I congratulate them all and look forward to working with them in a thriving and busy sixth form.'

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