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12 October 2009 / Volcanoes, Bongos And Lacemaking

Those were just some of the activities that visitors to Truro High School Open Evening were being invited to take part in - and they certainly did so with gusto.

Making a volcano was a messy affair created by the school's Classics Department that involved plasticine, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and food colouring. There was lots of laughter as the volcanoes took shape and then - with the added ingredients - erupted. Certainly a different way of learning about Vesuvius and Pompeii.

Concentration was the order of the day in Textiles where current pupils showed visitors the intricate art of lacemaking. In contrast, the music stand was appropriately noisy with guests having a go on bongos or experimenting with their own musical compositions on a keyboard.

In one of the school's laboratories, adults and children alike had a go in a competition to direct a ball through hoops using only air whilst others undertook an alien analysis and had fun with King Kong's hand.

'We wanted everyone to enjoy their trip to Truro High and to discover that learning happens in a wide variety of ways,' said Headmistress Caroline Pascoe. 'Our girls succeed because they develop genuine interest in the subjects they are taught. Teaching here isn't about just using textbooks - we are always looking for different ways of bringing a subject to life.'

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