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21 August 2009 / Ths Celebrates A Level Success

Jasmine George, 18, and Katy Hall, 17, both from Truro, achieved straight As in all their subjects to get into Bristol University to study medicine.  Emily Knuckey and Letitia Orsman got all the A grades they needed to go to Cambridge where Emily will study Classics and Letitia will study medicine and Annabel Jeffries scored 3As and a B to do Advanced Motor Sport Engineering at Oxford Brookes.

Other candidates with straight As included Freya Metcalfe who is going to study French and Spanish at Exeter University and Eleanor Stephens who is going to study English.

'I'm shocked but very happy,' said Emily Knuckey, 18, from Trispen, who took English, Latin and Biology.  'I went online at 9 o'clock this morning and knew that I'd got into Cambridge so I thought I must have got the grades I needed.  I've deferred my place for a year because I'm going to go travelling.'

'I was really nervous this morning,' said Annabel Jeffries, 18, from Mithian, who did Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics.  'I wanted to do a degree that involved learning about cars and building them because I've always shared my Dad's passion for stock car racing.  Now I can do the course I want to do.'

Katy Hall, who is going to study medicine at Bristol, took Chemistry, Biology, German and French, was very keen to pay tribute to the teachers.

'They've been incredible,' she said.  'Nothing is ever too much trouble and they give you so much support.'

One of those teachers, André Letheren, was re-discovering the emotional rollercoaster of getting results herself having just taken an AS in Religious Philosophy and getting an A grade.

'It's quite frightening,' she said.  'You forget what it's like to open the envelope and see how you've done.'

André was one of three adults to get the AS after attending evening classes at the school. 

'I was always getting asked about the course by interested colleagues and parents,' said Head of Religious Philosophy, Peter Mothersole.  'Most were surprised to here that it covers topics like life after death, the problem of evil, parapsychology and sexual relationships.  They asked if I would do something for them and we had a class of ten last year.  Taking the exam was optional but three did and got really good grades.  Next year we're running the course two evenings a week - one for A level and one for AS and members of the local community are also welcome to join in.'

Overall, Truro High School achieved a 100% pass rate with 67% at A and B and 89% at A to C.  The vast majority of students got into their first choice of university and two of the school's departments - Classics and Sport - achieved 100% A grade success.

  'The results are testament to the enormous hard work that both the girls and the staff put in,' said Headmistress Caroline Pascoe.  'Not only are the teachers excellent in their particular subject area they also help the girls look at the bigger picture, making them aware of career paths and courses that they might not otherwise have considered.

'Whilst most of our students go on to university, others choose a different route.  One this year is joining the Merchant Navy and another has got a job in the retail industry.  I believe it's very important to look at the individual and try and understand what is best for them.  Our staff always go the extra mile to ensure that happens.'

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